Lovin' my new lights

So, my buddy (and musical mentor) Tim Simmons stopped by the house the other day, while I had my lights and soft boxes scattered across the living room. I was trying to figure out my new Yongnuo triggers and camera settings, etc. (it's a big pain in my tuchus!) After much coercion, he reluctantly stepped in front of my lens for a few practice shots. 

The funniest thing about this shot is that my favorite pic was the very first one I took. This was before I changed the setting, moved the lights etc. It was just a practice shot to see what I needed to change in the room or on my camera. After I took the first shot, I moved all of my lights around and adjusted my ISO, shutter speed and such... but, no result was a good as the first shot. Hmmm... I wonder what I should attribute this to? Too much studying recently... Who knows? I tend to over-analyis things. I'll try to work on that.

Anyway, here's my very first attempt at a "headshot" after studying Peter Hurley's The Art of the Headshot. Click on the image to see a larger version in a Lightbox.


I'm looking forward to shooting Alan and Lyndsey next week. I'm also shooting Ember's new pics. The last pics won her Most Photogenic (well, she won it... I just took the pic).

See you guys soon,


Donnie SmithComment