Music Appreciation :)

"A painter paints his pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence. We provide the music, and you provide the silence."

Leopold Stokowski

People often ask me if I get tired of going to my husband's shows every weekend.  They say that it seems like it would get boring.  My response is always the same: "No, of course not.  No two shows are the same."  I have the pleasure of being around truly passionate musicians who love what they do, so much that they've dedicated their entire lives to making people happy through entertainment.  I don't believe most people understand the commitment and sacrifice that these musicians make in order to share their love for this art.  It is hard work.  Much time and thought is invested into playing the perfect guitar riff or writing lyrics that will touch the listener's soul.  Those examples are meant to be simple; composing is very extensive and complicated.  You may be thinking, "yea, right," or maybe you've thought that music was more a hobby than a career; maybe you still think that... (To each his own :) )  However, consider a world without music, one of silence.  It is almost impossible to imagine.  Musicians paint our world with beautiful sounds that evoke emotions within us and provoke us to take action.   Their music moves us forward, reminds us of our past and gives us hope for the future.  

I've had the privilege of witnessing this brilliance; therefore, what kind of photographer/person would I be if I didn't share it with the world (or at least my friends on Facebook).  The camera can merely give one a glimpse of the passion and dedication invested or of the fulfillment that these artists must feel when a fan sings along to a song that he/she wrote or waits around for an hour after the show just for the opportunity to meet them.  I'm content with capturing glimpses of time because I know that they then become permanently saved; those glimpses are frozen forever for each to savor, consider, and discuss.  

Although the picture above is Kip Winger, I am referring to all musicians and those who help to touch lives through music.  I simply used this picture because I liked it.  :)

Although the picture above is Kip Winger, I am referring to all musicians and those who help to touch lives through music.  I simply used this picture because I liked it.  :)

Be well, capture a special moment, then put the camera away and breathe it all in.  You'll have time to reflect later. Oh, and go enjoy some live music.  There's nothing else like it.  :)

Kerry Smith

Candid shots at a wedding

Candid (of a photograph of a person) taken informally, especially without the subject's knowledge.

One of my favorite things to do is get candid shots of people being real, hence the term candid. I think it's a wonderful accomplishment to feel like the "essence" of a person had been captured. At our most recent wedding shoot, we had three photographers and an assistant throughout the day. I was relegated to the male getting ready shots, while Kerry took care of the beautiful ladies. We took roughly 1800 shots over the course of 2 days and the final product consisted of 600 dang-near perfect pics and a beautiful video from Here are my two favorite "getting-ready" shots from Adam and Kassi's wedding.

Kassi getting ready at Rumour's in West Memphis, AR.

Pic of the week

While editing, I happened to run across this picture that I took a few months ago.  I like the intent looks on the mother's and son's faces.  I feel like it tells a story.  My favorite types of pictures are candid shots like this one.  


I have a pretty firm understanding of composition; however, I am continuously learning about lighting - the more I shoot, the more I learn.  I am very thankful for my amazing and talented husband.  He's such a good teacher and has been very patient while I figure it all out.  Until next time, don't forget to live each moment, and capture what you can. 

Who knew?

How is it that I can live in a place almost my entire life without knowing about places like Botanic Garden of Memphis?  I was completely in awe and the flowers had barely even begun to bloom. However, the fish were swimming, the turtles were sunbathing, and the geese were laying.  As you all know, I am new to this whole capture the moment experience, so I am presenting you with my first attempt at photographing fish.  The pictures turned out much better than I expected.  :) This journey is challenging and enlightening.  Here's to living life to its fullest and trying to freeze a little of it in time along the way. 

Home again, home again

We decided to take a much needed "vacation" and head up to the mountains for some photography practice. It was a great learning experience (I learned I need a different lens for nice landscapes). 

Truly, it was a ton of fun and I know Kerry enjoyed it, as well. Hopefully, we'll be able to continue traveling some and we will be able to document our learning experiences over time. 

Click on this link to view more of our shots from this weekend...

1st Birthday shoot with Ember Hill

Words cannot describe how crazy cool this kid is. She's adorable, funny, awesome in front of the camera (she even loves to come around to me after I take a few photos so she can see how she looks). I loved getting to try out my new lens with Ember. 

Although I was a little disappointed at the lack of nice scenery this time of year I think some of the outdoor shots turned out splendidly. 

No lens yet

So, with all the ice and snow, I do not have my new lens yet. UGH! Patience is not a virtue I suffer from. It's driving me nuts waiting. In the meantime, I'm practicing lighting techniques on my beautiful bride. She makes it easy.

I've got shows every night for the rest of the week, and then I have to start getting ready for the Winger shows. It's doubtful that I'll get to play anymore, before I actually have to work with the new lens. I'll post those up when I'm done.

See ya soon,


Lovin' my new lights

So, my buddy (and musical mentor) Tim Simmons stopped by the house the other day, while I had my lights and soft boxes scattered across the living room. I was trying to figure out my new Yongnuo triggers and camera settings, etc. (it's a big pain in my tuchus!) After much coercion, he reluctantly stepped in front of my lens for a few practice shots. 

The funniest thing about this shot is that my favorite pic was the very first one I took. This was before I changed the setting, moved the lights etc. It was just a practice shot to see what I needed to change in the room or on my camera. After I took the first shot, I moved all of my lights around and adjusted my ISO, shutter speed and such... but, no result was a good as the first shot. Hmmm... I wonder what I should attribute this to? Too much studying recently... Who knows? I tend to over-analyis things. I'll try to work on that.

Anyway, here's my very first attempt at a "headshot" after studying Peter Hurley's The Art of the Headshot. Click on the image to see a larger version in a Lightbox.


I'm looking forward to shooting Alan and Lyndsey next week. I'm also shooting Ember's new pics. The last pics won her Most Photogenic (well, she won it... I just took the pic).

See you guys soon,