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Steven and Bobbie Jo Wilkerson

Steven and Bobbie Jo Wilkerson

It had been a while since I had a Friday off. I was sitting in the studio watching some of our CreativeLive classes and working on my third cup of coffee. I'm used to Facebook notifications popping up on the Mac and most of the time I hold off on looking at them (if not, I'll be sitting in front of Facebook all day). This one caught my interest because it said "Our photographer canceled" and I wondered why I had been tagged in that. Courtney Moriah Brau is a hair and makeup artist in the Memphis area. She does amazing work. Here's her scary post.

December 15 at 10:36am · "Hey Facebook friends, my bride's photographer just backed out last minute! Her wedding is at 1 today downtown! Do I have anyone available that would love to capture her special moments?!"

I can only imagine what Bobbie, the bride-to-be, must have been thinking! Wedding days are stressful enough without something going horribly wrong. I sent them a quick breakdown of pricing and packages and started prepping gear just in case they decided to go with us. They did! 

Wilkerson Wedding (Smith Artisan)-.jpg

There are hundreds of folks within a 10-mile radius of me who have a camera and call themselves a photographer. They place very little value on their work and spend very little time learning their craft. Make sure you choose a photographer who values you as a client, has a proven track record, deliveries the quality of product you expect, and is passionate about what they do. It's your special day, don't rely on your friend's friend who gave you a really good deal. Your wedding day only happens once, you can't recreate that. 

Huge thanks to Lindsey Adams (SAP Client) for recommending Smith Artisan for Bobbie and Steven's wedding. 

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