Inclement Weather Engagement Sessions

     Jeff and Lindsey had to reschedule their engagement shoot once before, and they weren't about to do it again. The temperatures plummeted from a beautiful 71 degrees to about 40 over the course of a day. As the cold moved in so did the clouds. The clouds worked as an amazing softbox and really helped to flatter our subjects and even the lighting across most surfaces. Overall, I'm really proud of the effect we achieved.

     I was nervous going into this shoot. I guess I have the preconceived notion that engagement sessions need to be bright and colorful. Obviously its great if that's what the client wants, but sometimes you just have to work with the hand your dealt.


    We decided on an urban setting, so that there wouldn't be as much emphasis on foliage, or the lack-thereof. We went for architectural settings with elegant lines and curves, trying to find areas that would complement the couple. Fortunately, Jeff is in a band and Lindsey has been around musicians for a while, so the grungy look was something they were comfortable with. We had to be very careful with our depth-of-field settings while trying to get Jeff and Lindsey to pop out of the frame.

Donnie SmithComment