A Nice Read

I just got in a few more books from Amazon (it's an addiction). My latest find was Michael Freeman's The Photographer's  Eye. In his introduction, he mentions the great Bauhaus teacher from the 1920's, Johannes Itten. While Itten was speaking about color in art, he told his students: "If you, unknowing, are able to create masterpieces in color, then unknowlegde is your way. But if you are unable to create masterpieces in color in your unknowledge, then you ought to look for knowledge." 

I would like to assume that in my "unknowledge", I have created a few pieces that are stirring or at least interesting to look at (but by no means a masterpiece). This may not be the case, but let's assume that maybe they are interesting. I hope to find a number of sources to draw from. I want to be a photographic sponge (without the mildew buildup).

So, even if this blog is just a personal journal that no one ever reads, I'll be able to look back at it in a few years and hopefully see some progression made in my understanding of composition, exposure and color. 

An abandoned shack, just outside Proctor, AR. 

An abandoned shack, just outside Proctor, AR. 

One day, I'll go back to the places that I'm shooting now and take some new shots of the same subject and see what my eye does differently with it. It will be an interesting experiment. 


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