The beginning...

Well, here we are at the beginning of another adventure. As if I hadn't stretched myself thin enough yet, Kerry and I are getting into the photography business. We are currently in the midst of collecting gear and reading every piece of literature we can find on the subject. Fortunately, there is no shortage of friends who are willing to sit in front of our lens and be scrutinized from every possible angle (in very unflattering light). We're working on that last part. 

I have noticed an "abundance" of photographers out there who are willing to teach us through books, YouTube videos and online classes. The thing that is missing though is a thorough understanding of any one aspect of photography. I can find 5 minute videos on Aperture Priority, which is a great overview and it gave me a decent understanding on the concept, but no real world application was shown. Basically, they are all, "Here is the shot a f1.8 and here it is again at f8,f,12,f22,f30", which is nice, but just doesn't do it. 

I've had to research several different sources to final come up with a somewhat dubious understanding of Canon Speedlite and flash/strobe triggering. They tell me I could use the camera's RF signal, or I could use a Pocketwizard trigger, or I could use the optical trigger from the built in flash. But, as of yet, no one has explained why I should choose one over the other or if they just all do the same thing. I feel like most of them are willing to give you just enough information to create a state of confusion.

So, here's to years of practice, study and experimentation. I look forward to sharing our pictures with you and feel free to critique our photos and give us your ideas. 

See ya soon,